Activities & Resources

Vooks Activities and Resources help parents and teachers extend the learning beyond each storybook. Each one provides themes, summaries, talking points, discussion topics, activity ideas and even vocabulary cards.

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Special Occasions & Holidays


Father's Day

Mother's Day

Teacher Appreciation

Earth Day

Celebrating Our Differences

Animals & Friendship

Caring for Others & Kindness

100th Day of School

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Valentine's Day



100 First Words for Little Artists

100 First Words for Little Geeks

100 First Words for Little Geniuses


Amazing Animals Who Changed the World

At the Stroke of Goodnight

But First, We Nap


Color Train

Courageous People From Washington Who Changed the World

Courageous People Who Changed the World

Proud to be Latino: Food / Comida

Fourteen Animals That Are Definitely Not an Octopus

Halloween at the Zoo

I Dig Bathtime

If You’re Scary And You Know It!

I'll Love You For Always

Inventors Who Changed the World


Let's Be Friends

Little Sock

Luis and Tabitha

Made For Me

My America, the Beautiful

Nom Nom Colors

Nom Nom Oppisites

Nom Nom Shapes


Physics Animated


Slumberkins: Alpaca

Slumberkins: Creatures Full of Feelings

Slumberkins: Hammerhead

Slumberkins: Narwhal

Slumberkins: Unicorn

The Day Punctuation Came to Town

The Little i Who Lost His Dot

The Road Not Taken

The Smellyphant

The Stick

The Thing About Bees

Unicorn (and Horse)

Where Are You?

The Nutcracker

The Mitten

Wangari's Trees of Peace

The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day

The Little Rain Drop

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

T.E.A.M. Rudolph and the Reindeer Games

Let's Explore Space

Slumberkins: Honey Bear

Nita's First Signs

Slumberkins: Otter

Slumberkins: Slumber Sloth

Slumberkins: Fox

Slumberkins: Sprite

Our Class is a Family

I Voted

I See a Kookaburra

I Am (Not) Scared

Hattie Peck

Hats Are Not for Cats!

Happy Thanksgiving Curious George

Happy Howloween

Gossie & Gertie

Ghost Afraid of the Dark

Everyone is Someone

Donuts: The Hole Story

Curious George Says Thank You

Colors on the Farm

Color Blocked

Christmas Train

Arctic Christmas

And the People Stayed Home


Alice's Magic Garden

A Dog by any Other Name is Not the Same

Little Girl Big Dream

Little Grey Donkey

PoPo's Lucky Chinese New Year

Chelsea's Chinese New Year

Curious George Plants a Tree

Sweet Dreams, Sarah

We Are (Not) Friends

Does a Bear Wear Boots?

Ruckus on the Ranch

Beautiful Shades of Brown

Animal Alphabet

Willa & The Wind

The Noisy Foxes

The Easter Unicorn

Easter Puppy Parade


Dream Big

The Best Seat

Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain?

Waffles in the Sand

Slumberkins: Bigfoot

Happy Easter, Curious George

Kirby the Easter Dog

I Love Mommy

Buzzy's Balloon

Monster, Be Good!

Earth Yay!

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Buzzy's Big Bedtime Book

Does an Owl Wear Eyeglasses?

It's Time to Say Goodnight

Party Nazari's Fantastic Future!

That's (Not) Mine

The Boy Who Grew a Forest

One is a Lot (Except When It's Not)

I Love Daddy

Under the Sea 1, 2, 3


Little Sock Makes a Friend

Irving Berlin (The Immigrant Boy Who Made America Sing)

It's a Seashell Day

Greenie Grows a Garden

Buzzy's Boo-Boo

Buzzy's Colors and Lots and Lots

Slumberkins: The Feels

Who's That Dog?

Plant a Kiss

Atoms: My First Science Textbook

Can U Save the Day?

Stop and Go!

Bear in Underwear: Goodnight Underwear

It's a Firefly Night

Ronnie and His Grit

Wiggle Like an Octopus

Curious George Ready for School

Who's That Cat?

Does a Beaver Sleep in a Bed?

Harry Bear and Friends: Count Fish

Who Said Moo?

Be Big! Beatrice's First Day of First Grade

Mae The Mayfly

I Dig Being Kind

Opposites in the Park

Before We Sleep

Mister Fairy

A Boy Like You

Caleb's Hanukkah

Bear in Underwear: What Color is Bear's Underwear?

Kindergarrrten Bus

Lines That Wiggle

Zora's Zucchini

What is a Family?

Landon Rides the Subway

The Giggle Game

Flamingo Flamenco

The Cowboy Lullaby

Moon's on Fire!


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